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Setting Email Notifications
Setting Email Notifications

Decide if and when to receive daily notifications from MUA.

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Every day, around 5pm, MUA sends out email notifications to remind you to engage with activities in your activity widget. These notifications are designed to help you make sure you give MUA your last push before 'calling it a day'.

Daily Reminders in Your Inbox

Image shows a screenshot of the daily reminder sent via email.

Change the Time When the Daily Reminder Hits Your Inbox

By default, MUA sends daily reminders at 5pm, Central Time. To change the time to your local time, please set/adjust the time zone inside your personal settings. Here is how:

1) Open your personal setting

2) Select new timezone & hit "Save Changes"

MUA is now sending daily reminders at 5pm in your new timezone.

Disable Daily Reminders Entirely

To disable daily reminders entirely, please go to your personal settings and set 'Email Notifications' to 'Off'.

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