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How MUA builds and improves emotional intelligence

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Welcome to MUA - We're excited to have you as part of our family! MUA is designed to enhance your emotional intelligence (EI) while fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. In this article, we'll provide an overview of what MUA stands for, how it works, and why it can improve your overall emotional intelligence. Let's dive in!

What does MUA stand for?

MUA represents Me (yourself), Us (your team), and All (the company and brand you work for). Our brand and product name remind us that learning, growth, and success at work can only be achieved together.

Fun fact: The idea for the name originated in Maui, Hawaii. In Hawaiian, MUA also means "leader" or someone who takes a leap and steps forward.

What does MUA offer?

MUA provides tools for all employees, teams and leadership to reflect on their daily activities, recognize, and understand their emotions, thereby enhancing overall self- and social-awareness.

  • Daily reflecting and selecting of work activities

  • Digital journaling with weekly challenges​

  • Real-time analytics and progress tracking

How MUA delivers on its promise of improving emotional intelligence?

The foundation of EI lies in self- and social-awareness - understanding, recognizing, and managing our own emotions and those of others. MUA's ecosystem helps employees, teams, leadership, and organizations develop these skills, requiring just five to ten minutes per day.

Our approach

MUA is based on the principle of mindfulness, which involves observing and reflecting on daily emotions during or after day-to-day activities. This allows individuals to uncover nuances between emotions and develop higher emotional intelligence.

What sets MUA apart is its unique reflection process, built around three simple symbols, making it an accessible and effective tool for cultivating emotional intelligence.

Why MUA works?

MUA shines a light on the daily work (and personal) activities of employees, teams, and leadership, including those that often go unnoticed. By using MUA daily, the emotional responses and relationships within a workforce can be improved and fine-tuned.

  • We always feel something

  • We can only feel one emotion at a time

  • Symbol-based feedback is easy and effortless

  • A joyful and happy state of mind increases performance and overall well-being

  • The more you practice choosing "energizing" activities and tasks, the less time you spend on work and life situations that cause burnout and stress

A 5-10 minutes a day commitment

MUA requires just 5-10 minutes of your time daily, all done in retrospect, without additional planning, performance, or management tools.

Watch our product show for a detailed overview

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