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Set up your calendar integration
Set up your calendar integration

MUA integrates with Google calendar and Microsoft 365 - we show you how.

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Before you start this process

  • Make sure you're currently logged into the Google or Microsoft account you want to connect with MUA.

  • If you aren't certain, test first and open your email account inside the browser.

  • For users with various user accounts, follow the integration steps in incognito mode.

  • Note: at the moment you can only connect one user account with MUA.

To set up an integration with MUA:

  1. Click the "edit my profile" button on the top right of the application.

  2. Scroll down to "Integration"

  3. Select your integration (Google or Microsoft 365) and wait for the authentication process.

  4. A Sync button will appear in the top right of your Activity Widget when the integration is activated.

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