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Question for Daily Journaling to Identify and Transform Obstacles
Question for Daily Journaling to Identify and Transform Obstacles

Template with questions to inspire the use of daily journaling and deepen the learning experience with MUA.

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To be able to perform well in our job or personal life, it's important that we uncover all interferences that are holding us back from being our best. Only if we recognize these disturbances can we address them and change their effect on us.

We have listed some reflective questions that should support you on your journey. Copy and paste whichever question you resonate with most today, into your MUA Journal and repeat it as many times as you like. If you can't find anything, reach out to our Happiness Team - we're always happy to help.

Question 1: 
What is one goal I am currently trying to achieve in my professional life, and what obstacles are hindering me from accomplishing it?
Question 2:
Do I feel excited and motivated to start my workday? If not, why?
Question 3: 
Am I maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

If not, what is holding me back?
If yes, describe my balanced day in a few sentences.
Question 4:
What tasks or responsibilities am I currently avoiding and why?
Question 5:
Am I effectively communicating with my colleagues and superiors?
If not, what could be the reason?
Question 6: 
Do I feel I'm growing and learning in my current role?
If not, what's missing?
If yes, describe where I grew most the last week?
Question 7: 
Am I happy with my current work environment and culture?
If not, what aspects would I like to change?
If yes, what aspect make me most happy?
Question 8:
Do I regularly feel stressed or overwhelmed? If so, what are the primary sources of this stress?
Question 9: 
Are there skills or qualifications that I lack which are hindering my progress?
Question 10:
Am I aligned with my organization's mission and values? If not, how is this impacting my work? (Describe the situation.)
Question 11:
Do I feel supported and understood by my teammates?
If not, what's missing?
If yes, how do they show their support?
Question 12:
What roles do I naturally take in the team, and how does this fit with the roles of my teammates?

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