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Implementing Weekly Intentions with Monday Questions
Implementing Weekly Intentions with Monday Questions

Template "Monday Questions" for teams and individuals.

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Working with intentions and reflection at work is a powerful and effective way to increase team performance and overall engagement.

Please click the highlighted links (coming soon) if you would like to read more about the benefits of "setting intentions" and "working with reflection".

MUA's Monday Questions

Happy Monday! My intentions and goals for the start of the week.

Q: What are my goals for this week? (Name at least three.)
1. ___
2. ___
3. ___

Q: Were there any obstacles last week that made it difficult for me to fully achieve my goals?
A ___

Q: Do I need specific assistance from my team or a team member to achieve my weekly goal?
A ___

Pulse check (in Percentage, 100)

Q: How am I doing this Monday when I look at my work and personal life, like health?
Heart: _____
Flame: _____
Line: _____

Establish a Weekly Practice

A popular and easy way to implement "Monday Questions" is during your weekly meeting, ideally at the beginning of the workweek (that's why the name Monday).

Example of a meeting agenda, including "Monday Questions":

  1. Brief welcome

  2. Setting time limits and expectations

  3. Kicking off with sharing their "Monday Questions"

  4. Finishing the meeting

The Monday Questions template enhances your meetings' effectiveness by prompting reflective thinking and helps new users to connect MUA and its benefits with their daily work.

Include the MUA Journal

The MUA Journal is the ideal space to paste the template each time. We encourage all users to start daily journaling โ€“ "Monday's Question" is a great way to familiarize yourself and your team with it.

Make It Your New Routine

We recommend making these meetings and journal check-ins a weekly or even daily habit, depending on your team's needs. As usual, if you have questions on how to use MUA with your team, reach out to our Happiness Team at any time.

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